AEMS provides a

  • Complete solar power systems solutions for different uses such as Residential Houses, Government Departments, Agricultural Irrigation, Commercial & Industrial use.
  • Various solutions for PV solar systems such as PV Lighting System, PV On-Grid System, PV Off-Grid System, PV Pumping System, PV Diesel System.
  • AEMS is keen to supply high quality products and brands for all the components of PV system.

Energy Management Systems

AEMS offers innovative solutions for energy management resolving cost control and cost allocation impasse mainly for shared Backup Diesel Generators:

  • Monitor the energy consumption and the load profile of each tenant.
  • Facilitate the analysis of energy consumption and load profiles.
  • Measure accurately the energy consumption of each tenant in real time environment.
  • Perform cost control and cost allocation through proper calculation of the backup generation expenses for each tenant based on the cumulative energy consumption measurements.
  • Issue the respective accurate bill for each tenant.
Energy Management Systems

AEMS Digital Municipality System combines Municipal information and location based information that helps decision makers to well benefit from GIS features.

By using the system, they can:

  • Manage and control Municipal Infrastructure
  • Accurate organization & Urban Planning
  • Manage and Control Municipal Activities
  • Provide info of Parcels & Inhabitants (Finding Addresses & Places of Interest)
  • Fast and Accurate Reporting
  • Prioritization Control of Municipal Projects
  • Environment Protection Planning

Implementing the system can be divided into multiple phases depending on the required modules and municipality needs, data collection and site survey is the most important part of each phase.

The Digital Municipality System can be integrated with other systems such as accounting to synchronize data by using unique ID number.