AEMS is specialized in :

  • Developing and running standard operation procedures and system monitoring programs for different activities in power utilities.
  • Setting up and running customer request management plan, bill collection, meter reading and customer service center.
  • Handling the Medium and Low Voltage activities in the power distribution network to solve the network bottlenecks and reinforce it to meet the expected expansion.

Power Utility Management

Inside Lebanon, the size of the power distribution network covered by AEMS under the provision of cooperation agreement with NEUC (EDL-DSP3) is:

  • The area is 3016 km2 and (One third of Lebanon Area).
  • Supplied from 24 different primary substations of different voltage levels (20kV, 15kV and 11kV).
  • 49 HV/MV transformers with a total rated capacity of 1359 MVA (half of the rated capacity of the Lebanese Network).
  • 230 MV feeders (20kV, 15kV and 11kV).
  • 7706 MV/LV distribution substations with a total rated capacity of 2217.34 MVA.
  • MV network consists of 960 km UGC and 3,370 km OHL.
  • LV network consists of 7,236 km OHL.
  • 242,843 MV and LV Poles.
  • 626,789 LV customers and 1,631 MV customers (half of the Lebanese customers).

Example of one project realized by AEMS for the account of NEUC S.A.L.

Inside Lebanon and on an area covering almost the third of its surface (3106 km2), an intensive network survey was carried out across all areas to collect the required information and create the database, AEMS uses:

  • The GPS HHU (Hand Held Unit) and Underground Cable Tracer in the network survey to collect the required information and create the database.
  • A software to optimize network load flow, maximize feeder capacity, balance load among feeders, identify the bottlenecks, and propose possible solutions.

AEMS provides the management of the customers’ services activities such as management of customers requests and complaints, meters reading and bills collection, monitoring and inspecting customers (illegal connections, meters frauds, etc).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) played an integral role in our projects, with it being a powerful analytical and cartographic tool.

Its data is stored on to a geo-database file, which combines the spatial references with the data collections, to create a central data file for spatial storage and management.

This ability to integrate networks or other utility data with geographical and cadastral maps enhances the user’s ability to analyze and produce the best result. It implements:

  • Creation of a data schema or model, after preparing the necessary checklists to meet customer requirements.
  • Creation of data acquisition or survey process (either through a GPS handheld device or manual survey sheets).
  • Data collection on site and survey management.
  • Conversion of data to GIS database, irrelevant of the collection procedure.
  • Quality analysis and control of the data.
  • Update procedure for continuous operational use.

Power Network on GIS System

Power Network on GIS System

We offer solutions in planning, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and energization for:

  • Medium Voltage requirements for public and private clients.
  • MV distribution overhead lines and underground cables to villages and cities associated with GIS services.
  • MV installation to private factories down to their low voltage panels.
  • Long highways lighting based on MV transformers associated with GIS services.
Medium Voltage

Business Re-engineering

Preparation of several plans and programs for the account of NEUC S.A.L (EDL-DSP3):

  • Asset Management Activities
  • Construction of Distribution Facilities
  • Network Operation and Maintenance
  • Meter Reading
  • Bill Collection
  • Customer Services
  • Management and Reporting

AEMS applies strictly-dedicated guidelines for project management, starting from procurement till project implementation. From the bid stage till the end of the project, our engineers procure the required material as per the required technical specifications, propose alternative technical solutions, optimize the design and are dedicated to offer the best techno-commercial solutions.

We are familiar with most of the known and used standards applied in our field of business, and we ensure that all our offers are thoroughly studied, checked and optimized to the best solutions.

AEMS is in process of implementing a specific procurement division. To date, AEMS has dedicated two engineers for procurement purposes, along with one third engineer who helped in preparation of tenders. All tenders and then projects are verified and checked by our most experienced staff before final issue to the Client.

Procurement & Project Management