AEMS business covers consultancy, analysis, engineering and design, products supply, installation and commissioning services.Currently is working on different projects:

neu EDL-DSP3

As per the provisions of the Cooperation Agreement between National Electrical Utility Company SAL and Advance Engineering and Management Services SAL in covering the project services of EDL-DSP3 for

  • Project Management
  • Network Survey Management
  • Plans & Programs
  • Investment Plan
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Meter Reading and Bill Collection Management
bus EDL-DSP1

As per the provisions of the Service Agreement between BUTEC Utility Services SAL and Advance Engineering and Management Services SAL in covering the project services of EDL-DSP1 for

  • GIS Data Conversion (Inventory & Mapping)
    • Testing of System Using GIS Data
    • Network Survey Inventory
    • Network Survey Mapping on GIS
    • Training of BUS Employees to use GIS system

Supporting Lebanese Communities, Promoting Stabilization and Social Cohesion in Lebanon - Access to Renewable Energy Applications in Akkar Lebanon

The UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Water, are conducting an assessment of the implications on electricity in Lebanon from the current Syrian Crisis and the prioritization of interventions. The study aims to accurately assess the impacts on electricity use, in terms of time-of use, additional quantity of use, and regional variations in use, of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The assessment is expected to prioritize interventions and actions required to meet the additional electricity demand in Lebanon from the Syrian crisis while ensuring that these interventions are technically, financially, and environmentally sustainable (e.g. reliance on sustainable energy and energy efficiency).

The Project is divided into three Stages:

  • Stage 1: Data gathering
  • Stage 2: Validation of data and analysis
  • Stage 3: Recommendations and prioritization of interventions.

Renewable Energy System for Baakline Street Lighting

This project is a provision of Supply, Install, Test, Commission and Maintenance of a 9.36kWp solar photovoltaic system for street lighting, to increase the capacity of the existing renewable energy micro station on the roof building of Beit Baakline (house of Baakline).

AEMS has to convert the existing system from single phase to three phase system and increase each output from 3KVA to 6KVA by adding another three inverter of similar models.

Also the project needs another two sets of backup batteries, each 1000Ah 2v OPzS 48 V, in order to keep one set of batteries on each phase load (old set on one phase and new sets in two phases). It was consider adding additional 36 mono PV modules each 260 watt with three charger controller FLEX Max 80, and three Inverter/ Charger 3 KVA Outback GVFX3048E.

Each phase will be feed through 24 number of PV to combine total 72 PV (36 existing and 36 new one)

It was required to do modification on the main panel to keep all 6 inverter in one location and also the six charger controller, the new backup batteries can be kept in new enclosure. In addition, removal of 68 old HPS street lights which consumes high power/ lumen and replace it with new high efficient LED, and relocate the existing 45 number of LED Street light in another places, as well to install new cabling to run all over the selected areas to insure the new light work on separate line from old network.